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4 Nutrition Tips To Burn Belly Fat For Ripped Abs

A point that you first must understand is that you do not need to jump on the fad diet of the moment so you can get those flat sexy abs. Just make sure that you are eating a healthy balanced diet that consists of foods in their natural state. This means have as much unprocessed foods as possible in your diet.

You see, the processing of foods is what causes a lot of problems in your body. Before being processed, the majority of foods are good for your body. Try to have as much natural and unprocessed foods in your diet as possible if you want to show off your six pack abs.

Here are 4 nutrition tips to help you get a lean body and the best opportunity for ripped abs.

1. Your daily diet should include quality protein
Eating enough quality protein will help you burn more calories and will also satisfy your hunger for a longer period of time. It is will help you maintain and build lean muscle. You want lean muscle because this is one of the elements that control your metabolism.

When your looking for carbohydrates try eating vegetables, fruits, and high fiber unrefined grains. These items should be the bulk of your carbohydrates. To your best to stay away from refined sugars and grains. These items are a main cause for people having a problem with body fat. Try to have a least 2-3 grams of fiber per each 10 grams of carbohydrates. Fiber is very helpful if you want to have a lean body.

3. You can eat fat
You should try and eat healthy fats on a daily basis. Some examples of foods with healthy fat are nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, organic meats and eggs. By eating healthy fats you will avoid negative affects in your hormone levels and cravings by your body.

4. Two items you want to avoid
• artificial trans fat from margarines, shortening, and hydrogenated oils

• high fructose corn syrup

As stated earlier, you want to cut out as much processed food in your diet as possible. By doing this you will have a much easier time avoiding the two items mentioned above.

Getting started is the hard part. Try and focus on the 4 tips discussed in this article. If you can get these 4 items into your daily diet then they will become second nature to you. You will then be able to control the factors that come into play in getting a lean body.

Before starting any diet or trying to put together a healthy and balance diet, please consult your doctor first.

By: Peter OBrien

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Cholesterol - Is Getting High On Foods A Real Problem?

High cholesterol foods are good for the brain, indeed Statins suppress the brain from
producing cholesterol and this is a cause for concern. People with very low cholesterol (below 150 mg/dl) are more prone to depression and nervous system disorders.

High cholesterol foods should not be entirely avoided, as many of them are an essential part of a healthy diet, as noted above, but you should learn to reduce their intake in order to maintain or lower your LDL cholesterol levels

High cholesterol foods are animal products such as eggs, fatty meats, and any poultry with the skin on would be high in cholesterol. You should avoid anything fried, greasy, etc. The main component of these high cholesterol foods that is considered the culprits is: saturated fat which is a type of fat found in animal products.

Saturated fats and trans-fattty acids are the most important factors that increase blood cholesterol and not dietary cholesterol. Saturated fats can elevate cholesterol, whereas polyunsaturated fats will lower it. Cut down the amount of saturated fats in your diet by replacing foods like butter, cheese and red meat with polyunsaturated oils and margarine (such as sunflower or corn), fish, poultry and low-fat dairy products (such as skimmed milk). Saturated fat and cholesterol in food makes your blood cholesterol level go up. Saturated fat is the main cause, but cholesterol in food may matter, if you have a problem.

Eggs are good for you. Once branded a health hazard because of a high cholesterol content, eggs are now being reinstated as being beneficial. Egg yolks as opposed to egg whites contain a very high amount of cholesterol. But of late, research has lead doctors to believe that egg yolks increase the HDL cholesterol, which is good for your heart and not the LDL cholesterol that is bad for you.

Organ meats (liver, kidney , sweetbread, and brain) are high in cholesterol. Fish generally contains less cholesterol than other meats, but some shellfish are high in cholesterol.

Fish oils also interfere with blood clotting. In some people with extremely high blood triglyceride levels (a butter-like fat), fish fatty acids can lower these levels dramatically. Fish is a good choice for a healthy diet. Many types contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which may help lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce your risk for dangerous blood clotting

Oatmeal is low in fat and sodium, and the high levels of soluble fiber decrease LDL cholesterol. Soluble fiber helps with blood sugar stabilization. Oatmeal, oat bran, and particularly barley are cholesterol reducing foods. Again? because of the soluble fiber. Oats provides you with soluble fiber which is helpful in reducing LDL cholesterol. Food containing oat bran, oatmeal, and whole oat flour is very healthy and filling.

Do not worry about the saturated fat found in unrefined coconut oil! The body is able to
break down these fats quickly and they are never stored. The benefits of coconut oil are
very numerous, it contains by nature Caprylic acid which kills Candida, a major problem
to many women.

By: Robert Pasquil

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Robert Pasquill is a Cancer Survivor of some 20 years For more High Cholesterol information and health tips, please visit my sites

Monday, November 17, 2008

When It Comes To Losing Weight And Nutrition, Eating More Is Healthier

By: Bruce A Tucker

When it comes to nutrition the first thoughts that pop into everyone’s mind is eating bland food, or starving yourself to lose weight. That is the furthest thing from the truth and my God if you are starving yourself to lose weight please stop immediately!

What many people do not realize is that if you eat less your metabolism will slow down. By slowing down your metabolism the rate at which you lose weight will also decrease. See what happens is your body will recognize that you are eating less and in turn go into a mode where it stores fat for energy later. It does this because it is not sure when more energy will arrive so it needs to save some for later. Amazing how complex the body is and regardless of what you do you are not going to fool it.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your body is to eat more. That is right, eat more! No that doesn’t mean eat more donuts and cupcakes and wash it down with additional two liter bottles of a sugary soda. It means to eat more often with well proportioned sizes of healthy foods.

Here is what you should do. It is a pretty simple plan and as long as you stick to it you will without a doubt lose weight.

Eat six meals every day. You will want to eat one meal every two and half to three hours each and every day. However you are not going to gorge yourself with food. You are going to eat well portioned meals.

Each meal should consist of equal portion sizes of protein, carbohydrates and green vegetables. A portion size should be the same size as your clenched fist. Now that you know how often to eat, what to eat and how much to eat, now you just need to substitute the above plan with food that you like.

For example, your first meal of the day could be one whole egg mixed with egg whites, combined with oatmeal or a slice of wheat toast. You can add you green veggie like spinach to your egg mixture and I personally think asparagus tips in an omelet are wonderful. Your next meal could be a pack of tuna, a small apple and a small leafy green salad.

You get the point. Learn how to prepare your meals in advance, in other words make them the night before, before you go to bed and it will be a lot easier on you the following day.

So you see losing weight and eating healthy really isn’t rocket science!
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Mr. Tucker is the senior editor for Weight Loss Nation, an online resource where you can learn various tips and tricks on weight loss, fitness and nutrition.

Mr. Tucker is also a regular contributor on Mike's How-To Blog, an online resource that explains a step by step approach on How to do just about anything.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mexican Food Started Here

by: Jane Butel

Most do not know the important role New Mexico has played in culinary history. Researchers and archeologists agree that New Mexico was one of the earliest settlements of the Mongolians and Tibetans when they came over the Bering strait to settle the Americas. The area has attracted visitors from before recorded history, who in turn created the pure, often spicy flavors known in New Mexico's foods.

Primarily chiles are both king and queen. Chiles themselves have been more developed in New Mexico than anywhere—especially since World War II, when Dr. Jim Nakiyami, a Professor at New Mexico State University gave his leadership to developing many, many new varieties of chiles.

And, most do not know that the first American wines were made in New Mexico. The priests, Jesuits and Monks brought the first cuttings of grapes here in the 1620's from Spain, thus predating the California wine industry by 140 years.

With Prohibition in the 1920's the wine making died out, not to get started again until 50 years later in the late 1970's. Now there are over 50 wine makers throughout the state making world class, award winning wines. The wines go very well with the chile laden traditional dishes as well as any kind of food or enjoyed alone. New Mexico is often credited with being the fountainhead of the Mexican taste. For it is there that the earliest settlers from Asia; who were the root population of the Western areas of the Americas, first settled and lent their primitive cooking methods and simple, straight forward ingredients to create a simple, frontier cuisine that continues to win the hearts and souls of all who try it.

>From New Mexico, the earliest settlers went south to populate Central and South America, taking their culinary customs with them. So there are similarities in the native cuisines of all the Americas.

No matter whether the chiles are the unripe green ones or the ripe red ones, they both provide the great benefits of capsaicin which is so amazing as an antioxidant.—often cited as the world's greatest anti-oxidant. And anti-oxidants basically are good for us as an inhibitor of cancer cell development among other claims.

Chiles enhance your entire body's functions—making your heart healthier, also your entire vascular system, enhancing your digestion, your skin and your waistline. They excite your endorphins more than any other food and on a scale of "runner's high".

So you gotta try them. Don't let the spiciness or hotness scare you—the hotter the healthier, however to begin with start mild and work up to hotter. You will be glad you did—but get ready, they are habit forming—nearly an addiction, so you will more than likely get hooked on the wonderfully exciting flavors.

However, if you do get uncomfortably hot and spicy chiles, just remember that you can tame them down quickly by eating or drinking anything sweet, dairy or acid such as lime juice or wine.

In this simplistic cuisine, created out of less than 10 major ingredients, corn is the real staple with the chiles being the personality. Beans are very important as are various members of the gourd and lily families to the cuisine.

Actually the combination of chiles, corn and beans is considered one of the three most healthy cuisines in the world. The other two are Eastern and Western Mediterranean.

Perhaps the New Mexican native's favorite traditional dish is Red Chile Enchiladas while most visitor's to our state prefer the Green Chile ones. In New Mexico, when an enchilada (which by the way means "in chile") is served as a main course, it is served flat, not rolled.

What most people think of as Mexican food elsewhere in the world, really is New Mexican food. And now, it is the most popular taste in America, outselling all other cuisines nationally. Tortillas outsell bread and margaritas are the most popular cocktail. Amazing, from such simple roots.

The flavors are purer, simpler and more robust by far in New Mexico than in Old Mexico, where the European influence was stronger in the development of their cuisine.

Some popular traditional New Mexican dishes are Carne Adovado, which was developed originally by the Spanish as a way to preserve pork after butchering. Red chile being the world's best anti-oxidant retards spoilage—a hint the Spanish learned from the Indians. The dish is a simple preparation of slow roasted pork that has marinated in a red chile and herb marinade. Amazingly good, if well prepared.

A truly native dish is posole, the bowl of many blessings--a dish made from lime (as in agricultural ground lime) soaked corn kernels. It is stewed with well browned pork bits, chiles and herbs. It is quite flavorful. Posole is a reverant dish due to the fact that posole is the Mother process for preserving corn and corn in the Native religions is the Giver of Life—their Eve so to speak.

New Mexico style chile rellenos are another native treat. They are traditionally stuffed with cheese and crusted with a meringue or corn crust and fried. They are quite good as a main dish or side dish.

A truly native ingredient is the blue corn, which was developed by the Ancients. It is smoked with pinon wood as they did not have access to agricultural lime for preserving the corn.

Sopaipillas were first made in 1620 in the courtyard in front of the San Francisco de Neri church in Old Town Albuquerque. They were first made as a treat for the Indians who attended church.

About The Author
Jane Butel, the first to write about Southwestern cooking, has published 18 cookbooks, several being best sellers. She operates a full-participation weekend and week long vacation cooking school, an on-line school, a cooking club, a monthly ezine, a mail-order spice, cookbook, Southwestern product business and conducts culinary tours and team-building classes. , 1-800-473-8226

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Achieve Weight Loss By Healthy Lifestyle

By: Thomas James Thomas James

Learn About Some Of The Best Diet Pills Available

While going in for the best diet pill, one should know more about the drug if it is free from the possible side effects. This will certainly help you in reducing excessive body weight in the best possible way.

Are you a perpetual laughing stock for your friends and co-workers for being overweight? Do you often miss social events due to your plump look? Well, if you are living constantly under the fear of extreme self-consciousness, its time to do reality check and go for best diet pills that help you in reducing your excess flab.

Weight Problem: Check This

If you wish to have a slim and fit body and appropriate weight that gave a perfect look, get the best diet pills to get your body into shape and free from excessive fat. While looking for the best diet pill, one finds numerous pills in the health care sector. To choose the best diet pill, it is extremely essential to know the perfect pill that will help you in reducing your excess weight without leading to any side effects.

Any diet pill that offers instant result can be a potential threat that brings side effects. To avail the best diet pill, one should not take any slimming pill but thoroughly analyze the product and its ingredients to see whether it has any possible side effects. In case the medicine has harmful ingredients, one should not take such medication.

Alone intake of diet pills will not help you in availing a slim body until you take a reality check of your diet and life style. If you are eating too much of junk food and oily stuff, you tend to amass body fat that can lead to harmful consequences. It is extremely important to reduce the intake of deep fried and fatty food items as they lead to bad cholesterol and thereby leading to diabetes and coronary diseases. While looking for the best diet pills, one should make sure that he/she is taking proper care of the dietary intake to promote healthy weight loss.

If Looking For The Best Diet Pills…

If searching for the best diet pill for weight loss, three best weight loss pills such as Orovo Detox, 7-DFB-Extreme and Nuphedragen are amongst the most popular that will certainly help you in reducing weight and have a fit body. Orovo Detox is a body-cleansing drug that reduces the toxic levels of the body. Usually, the excess toxicity due to irregular and poor eating habits leads to fat accumulation and poor functioning of body thereby causing health complications and diseases.

Orovo Dextox has 31 powerful ingredients that make a perfect combination to weight loss drug. One of the best advantages of using Orovo Detox is that it is completely natural and is free from toxics and harmful chemicals that often lead to side effects. For all those who wish to avail natural diet pills, Orovo Detox is the best.

In addition, another diet pill is 7-DFB-Extreme that offers seven-day cycle body detoxification program for weight loss. 7-DFB-Extreme includes well-known ingredients such as Caffeine Anyhdrous, Chromium Polynicotinate, Oat Bran Fiber, Psyllium Husk, Barley Fiber, Fennel Seed, Apple Pectin, Uva Ursi, Juniper Berries, Cranberry, Garlic 100:1, Ginger, Parsley, Goldenseal, Red Raspberry Leaf, Mint leaf, Lemon Peel, Red Clover Leaf, Burdock Root, Aloe Vera, Sage, Mangosteen, Vinegar, Apple Cider and Grapefruit Seed.

Apart from this, Nuphdragen is a wonderful appetite suppressant that helps you in reducing weight in a natural way. Get the best diet pills and get rid of unwanted body weight.

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The Top Strategies For Losing Weight In This Lifetime...

by: Mark Battalini

Before you go on any diet you really need to ask yourself the following questions:

- do I really need to go on a diet, or do I just need to be a little more disciplined about my eating habits?
- would doing the minimum extra regular workouts make more sense than not working-out at all, but eating less?
- If I go on a diet, is my body going to be receiving sufficient minerals and vitamins to sustain itself?

Here's why all the questions.

Large numbers of people go on diets that don’t really need to do so, they are doing so simply to comply with some warped belief that the world expects everyone to look thin.

In fact, it could be quite counter-productive to go on a diet, if your body is not going to be receiving its required vitamins and mineral intake to replace those naturally lost during the day.

As a result of the above, before you decide to go on any diet, you might benefit from knowing that the most successful people at losing weight are not necessarily those who go on crash diets, but more likely those who increase (or start) their regular exercise program and eat more healthy meals a day.

However, if you are thinking of embarking on a diet, don’t risk doing so and risking further harm to your body without making sure you take vitamin and mineral supplements to replace those lost during a normal day.

So with that in mind, what diet plan you choose will ultimately end up either making or breaking your results...

So let's find out what kinds of diets MOST people are familiar with, and why the "MAINSTREAM" diets or fat loss diets aren't always the best choice.

What I mean by that is your typical dieting system or plan boils down to these three styles of diets:

-low fat diets
-low carbohydrate diets
-low calorie diets

Up first:

"Low Fat Diets"

Here's a good example of why low fat diets don't always forward you the results your hoping for and why you may need to consider an alternative dieting system.

Low fat diets have been in the mainstream for a really long time but if you look statistically speaking, more and more people in our society are getting more overweight year by year. With that fact alone it should tell you that just a low fat diet is not going to be the answer or end all be all to your weight loss issues. Why it's definitely not a bad start, consuming a purely low fat diet is not the answer to your weight loss concerns.

Up Second:

"Low Calorie Diets"

Trying to lose weight using a Low Calorie Diet STRUCTURED Plan is a sure fire way of failing even quicker than using a low fat diet plan. The problem with using a low calorie diet in and of itself is that you will do your body more harm than good. Simply stated, by using this type of method for weight loss all you’re doing is slowing down your body's fat burning capabilities which destroys all chances of losing weight. (You can lose weight using the low calorie method but all you'll lose is probably a few pounds of weight loss for the first few days, after that all weight loss stops --- this is known as a dieting plateau). You can never get slim by not eating and starving yourself.

Last but not least…

"Low Carbohydrate diets":

Although the popularity of the Low Carb diet has definitely hit the mainstream of dieting fads at super warp speed this is probably one of the HARDEST ways of trying to lose weight. The problem with Low Carb diets are that they are to regimented and tough to follow for the average dieter. As well they tend to deplete your system or body of too much energy (carbs) which in essence makes it almost impossible to stick with that type of plan for any length of time. Hence, another failed attempt.

So where do you go from here?

There's one system I have been fortunate enough to discover that has been working for me just fine.

It incorporates a structured balance between dieting and real world living.

In other words let’s face it, dieting is no easy chore. But if you want to get ahead of the curve (no pun intended) you need a system that you can incorporate into your everyday lifestyle and still be able to achieve the results you want. As well without wanting to strangle the poor bastard in the cubicle next to you for doing absolutely nothing just cause you’re so irritable because you’re STARVING TO DEATH!

And you definitely don’t need some fluffed up un-achievable, un-realistic diet plan system that has you starving all day long and is no way intended for you to succeed. In actuality the only thing it EVER succeeded in doing was costing you money and making you a complete train wreck for the short period of time (hopefully for everyone around you) that you were on it. (Oh yeah, it also makes the fat cat shareholders at these big dieting corporations a lot more richer too!)

If you want a personal recommendation for discovering a diet plan that works, that is TOTALLY REALISTIC and ACHEIVABLE and doesn’t make you the FBI’s most dangerous (for irritability) check out fat loss for idiots dieting system. I’ve personally tested this product and I can say that without a doubt it makes more sense to me than any other plan I’ve attempted or read about thus far to date.

What I liked the most about fat loss for idiots is it’s straight forward no B.S. style weight loss strategies about getting back to a healthier you and stop wasting time on every diet plan out there (not to mention your money) and to stay focused, take action and make it happen.

It’s a real world solution for a real world problem.

So if you're ready to discover The ”Ten Idiot Proof Rules” to Dieting and Fat Loss, and you’re ready to find a perfect Dieting Method for losing 9lbs. every 11 days. Then you need to unveil a True Powerful System that will change the way you think about eating. I recommend and encourage you to visit this webpage and learn everything you’ll ever need to know about losing weight and keeping it off once and for all!

Quite honestly, if you’ve ever even considered wanting to lose weight in this Lifetime than you need to go here now and see for yourself what Fat Loss For Idiots can do for your life and you’re health.

All The Best,
Mark Battalini

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Mark battalini is the Webowner of Web Info Resources which pertains to the health and Fitness Industry, Marketing your business on the Internet, and several other highly sought after informational topics.

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Dieting Healthy And Quick

By: Adam Clark

The great news is that you won't have to starve yourself when dieting healthy and fast. Anyway unhealthy weight loss diets that deprive you of eating nutritious food could be harmful for your long term health. And in fact consuming more often can actually help you shed those unwanted pounds.

Begin of your day with a hearty breakfast. This is the most critical meal of the day. Upon waking in the morning your body is starved for fuel. It needs to get some food to get your metabolism revved back up. If you miss the first meal of the day you'll lack the energy needed for burning those extra calories all throughout the day.

Follow your breakfast with a lunch and light dinner. And eat healthy snacks in between meals and not empty calories or junk food. By eating less at meals along with snacks rather then three huge meals your body burns the calories quicker and be less likely to store as much extra fats. And it keeps your metabolism charged up and running efficiently throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water. Water works as an appetite suppressant and will help you to stave off those food cravings. It also helps to metabolize the fats in your body. To help you to lose weight healthy and fast be sure to stay properly hydrated.

Consume plenty of fiber. The average person eats no where near the daily recommended amount (25 grams). Fiber not only will make you feel fuller, but also has terrific health benefits. The body doesn't digest fiber so it will pass through the body taking potentially harmful substances along with it.

Consume more of the good fats while reducing the bad fats. Avoid eating saturated fat and trans fatty acid products because they have been associated with health problems. Keep in mind that it's a bad idea to cut back fats from your diet completely, the body requires fats to work properly. Try substituting monosaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids (found in cold fish) instead, it's been proven to have better health benefits.

To lose weight healthy and fast be sure to get adequate protein. Your body will absorb protein less rapidly than carbohydrates and will satisfy your hunger cravings longer. It also helps to keep your metabolism more consistent, thus minimizing sugar cravings and energy loss. Lean meats, poultry and fish are quality sources.

Eat the right kind of carbohydrates. High glycemic carbs will tend to cause larger spikes in blood sugar, thus creating a rebound effect - high energy followed by low energy or the desire to eat something sugary again. Low glycemic carbs will tend to keep your blood sugar more consistent - beans, whole grains, fruit (not fruit juice), vegetables, etc.

Perform aerobic exercises. It will burn off calories making you slimmer, but it also keeps your heart healthy. Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, aerobic machines, etc. Try to do an aerobic activity at least 25 minutes or more, four to five times a week. To lose weight healthy and fast you must exercise consistently.

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Adam Clark has successfully won his battle with weight problems and has been in the health and nutrition industry for over 15 years teaching others to do the same. For more great tips visit his website Easy Diet Secrets