Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Can A Daily Lutein Dosage Ensure Healthy Vision?

By: Peter Foremski

If a daily lutein dosage was shown to be of benefit to keeping your eyes in good health, would you take it? That's what many who now know about this antioxidant are thinking of doing, including myself.

Considering what I've recently learned about it, I really think there's something tangible to be gained.

Like many antioxidants it occurs naturally in such foods as egg yolks, certain fruits and in spinach. You may like leafy spinach but the experts reckon that to really reap the full benefits you would have to consume two big bowls every day to get the recommended daily lutein dosage.

One or two of those benefits include its ability to protect the central areas of your eyes, namely the retina and the macula, which deteriorates with ageing and may lead to an eye condition known as macular degeneration.

As we age we worry about avoiding other more spoken about illnesses like heart disease and cancers, and often forget about looking after such senses as our sight. That's a shame as getting older is unavoidable, but to not see as well as before is doubly hard on the elderly who suffer from impaired vision.

I have discovered a much simpler, quicker and more convenient method of ensuring you don't miss your regular lutein dosage.

Look around the supplements marketplace and it's possible to find products that now include it in a daily, total nutritional pill which ensures your body also receives all the other essential vitamins and minerals.

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