Saturday, December 5, 2009

Energy Drinks Can Help Or Harm

Energy drinks are (most often) carbonated drinks, intended to improve focus and increase physical performance. A pair of clinical studies have reported significant improvements in mental and cognitive performance, as well as increased subjective alertness. During repeated tests involving young healthy adults, it was determined that energy drinks can significantly increased upper body muscle endurance.
Consumers need to be aware that, these supplements do not provide food energy. Instead, energy drinks are scientifically designed to increase mental alertness, and physical performance; by introducing caffeine, vitamins, and herbal supplements. In many cases, these ingredients interact to provide an enhanced stimulant effect; greater than that obtained from caffeine on it's own. Many supplement manufacturers offer a selection of products, that include extra strength, decaffeinated; and smaller, more convenient "shots".

The physiological and psychological side-effects attributed to energy drinks, weight loss pills, and their ingredients; have been heavily investigated. It has been determined that excess consumption of energy drinks may cause mild to moderate episodes of euphoria. Other adverse effects, which affected mood and performance; include: nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, increased urination, abnormal heart rhythms, and upset stomach. This unwanted result is attributed to the stimulant properties of the caffeine, and their enhancement; by the presence of ginseng. As well, the caffeine found in energy drinks can excrete water from the body; leading to dehydration. If the body is dehydrated by 1%, performance is said to decreased; by up to 10%.

It is not likely that consumption of a single energy beverage, will lead to excessive caffeine intake; however, ingesting two or more beverages in a single day might. For concerned energy-seekers, supplement providers like 5 Hour Energy, have developed an innovative Decaf product to combat the negative effects; associated with the intake of too much caffeine. Regardless, nutritionists and health experts recommend water, or a sport drink, as the best choice for fluid consumption; during most types of exercise or physical activity.

By: Kristoffer Howes

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When consuming 5 hour energy shots, participants will typically feel an elevated sense of energy, focus and alertness. Similar to some weight loss supplements in the marketplace, 5 hour Energy shots contains caffeine; and as such, should be ingested responsibly.